Advice and tips for clients travelling to Russia

Moscow Weekend Itinerary
The suggested itinerary is basic and is subject to discussion and changes upon individual request.

Visa process:

The visa process for Russia can appear complicated, however we are available to help you to complete the application along with other online guidance. The most important thing is to double check everything and to leave time so that if a problem occurs there is time left to rectify it.

Use online resources with some caution. There are sites that have outdated information, the visa form and some of the application process changed in 2009 so be wary of anything that was written prior to this date. There are also agencies that present themselves in a way that makes them look like official government offices when they are in fact a middle-man that will charge extra for their services. A good general rule would be to follow links from the website of ‘The Embassy of the Russian Federation’ in your home country.

Although you cannot apply for your visa more than 6 weeks before your travel date you need to have all the forms and supporting information ready prior to this so that you can send off the application as soon as the 6 week window opens. You will be supplied with the relevant invitation letters prior to this date.

The personal data supplied to the office for the invitation letters and on the visa application needs to be precisely as it appears on your passport. Please do double-check this as any inconsistencies may lead to rejection of your application by the consulate.

The visa form will require you to specify the exact entry and exit dates so really you need to have your flights booked before filling out the form. You need to have planned your whole itinerary, in terms of duration, before applying for the visa. It is not possible to extend your visa from inside Russia.


If you are to be met by our staff at the airport or other location please ensure that you provide all the details of your flight/train etc. Please also check that you receive confirmation from ourselves that we have received this information. Please also carry contact details for the company so that you may contact us in even of any problems.

Please ensure that you retain the migration card that you will have received on the plane and had stamped at the immigration control desk. Without this we may not be able to validate your visa.

Please also ensure that you retain your half of the luggage tags that are put on your bags at check-in. This is sometimes stuck to your boarding pass or passport. Some airports in Russia will not allow you out of the terminal with a bag that you do not have the corresponding tag for.

It goes without saying really but ensure that your belongings, especially your wallet and documents, are kept out of sight and somewhere that is not easily accessible or removable. This is particularly true at large, busy transport interchanges where a hectic environment may take your attention. Most problems of this nature can be rectified by our staff, however they can really spoil your impressions of your trip.

It is advised that you consider getting us to help organise any transfers that you may need. In this way you can avoid a lot of stress and possibly paying over the odds. The transport system can be difficult to navigate, especially under time pressure.


Carry a small amount of Russian Rubles, preferably in low denominations, for transport and refreshment purposes. These are best stored in a small wallet separate from your main currency, cards, passport etc. so that you can access them easily without flashing all your valuables in public.

If you bring other currencies for exchange purposes it can be more difficult to exchange Pounds Sterling rather that Euros or US Dollars. Consider taking a combination of currencies to cover more bases.

Check the current international exchange rate before you leave, this will help you to make an assessment of the rates available at various exchange desks. Avoid exchanging currency in airports and hotels as you are likely to get a poor exchange rate. Ask our staff for guidance on the best place to exchange currency.

Carry at least one credit or debit card with which you will be able to withdraw local currency at ATMs. However, please ensure that you speak to your bank before you travel so that they may place a ‘travel marker’ on your account. Without this, your withdrawal or transaction may be refused by the bank.

Moscow hotels & hostels

When researching and booking local hotels over the internet from home, bear in mind that the information on some sites may be outdated and may not explore all the possible options. Information on the ground is obviously up to date and reliable and can often be more flexible on options and price. Please do not hesitate to speak to us to help you to negotiate prices and options.

Tours in Moscow and around

Most trips into Russia will pass through Moscow. It is tempting to rush straight through and on to the next staging post in your journey. However, you should consider taking the opportunity to spend a few days in what is one of the major cultural and historical centres of the world. It will of course add some expenditure to your trip but this may be relatively small when compared to a dedicated trip to the city from abroad, where the international flights will dominate the costs. Please feel free to talk to us if we can help to inform you on options and costs for a stop-over that suits your timescale and budget available.

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