A city tour is an excellent way to get a good idea about the city. You will see the most remarkable sights of the Russian capital with stops at the best picture taking points including Red Square, St. Basilís Cathedral, the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer once blown up by the Communist and only recently built anew, New Maiden Convent, Victory Park devoted to the victory of the Russian arms over the Nazi Germany, Old Arbat Street famous for the street artists, New Arbat street known as the street of casinos and entertainment centres, the White House which was the shooting-mark of the coup díetat of 1993, KGB Headquarters, the obseveation platform with a breathtaking view on Moscow the city form this most elevated point of the city.

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Red Square St. Basilís Cathedral Kremlin
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Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer New Maiden Convent Victory Park
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Old Arbat Street White House KGB Headquarters


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