A Moscow city break can be relaxing, fun and full of variety with famous museums, the Kremlin, Moscow State Circus, Bolshoi ballet and opera, wonderful Russian cuisine and unforgettable sightseeing in the vibrant capital of Russia.

Russia is one of those countries that everyone should visit - apart from anything, it covers more surface area than any other country, so if you consider yourself a world traveller it is important to visit Russia for a complete itinerary. Moscow and Russia have changed enormously in the past 15 years, since the fall of communism you can now find all the amenities you'd expect in any capitalist country, from satellite TV and partypoker ru to global car brands and international cuisine. A visit to Moscow will show you both modern and historic Russia, a native and cosmopolitan city.

We can add to your business programme, or to any aspect of your trip passing through Moscow. Or we can create a tailormade short break in Russia.

We offer professionalism, flexibility and quality of service for tourists, expatriates in Moscow and business people.

Individual Services for Moscow City Break
You can order any Moscow City Break services separately, to accommodate your holiday in Russia. We can provide all requirements for Russian visa applications, Moscow hotel reservations, Moscow tours and even the Trans-Siberian Express.
Moscow hotel reservations / Vehicle hire in Moscow and internal travel
Just give us an idea of hotel class, location, dates, budget and we will offer you several good options. We can support any of your Moscow activities: transfers with transport from bike to limo, domestic tickets reservations, etc. You can pay us by safe and usual way through our UK parent company.
English speaking guide, interpreter and translator
We can help you in any situation where you have communication difficulties, please ask us about assistance with other languages. We can definitely help with German, French, Spanish languages and of course English. We can provide all necessary facilities for business meetings and leisure breaks in Moscow.
Through Russian Adventures we can also provide English speaking mountain guide and rafting guide Sasha Lebedev for expeditions to climb Elbrus, to Altai region, Kamchatka and Baikal.
Expatriates in Moscow may not be aware of the fact that they live just a few hours flight from a most exciting place to see. We can definitely help with domestic tickets reservation and provide you with an experienced guide in the Caucuses and other regions of Russia that many travellers can only dream of. Please, refer to
Kremlin tours
Our English-speaking guides have all passed the Government test for being registered and have licenses to provide the full Kremlin excursion and a variety of other sightseeing tours.
Please refer to Moscow tours and excursions and Moscow virtual tour
Russian ballet, circus and all sightseeing centres
You may hear about some specific place or want to visit some precise event. We can assist with information about what seats are available, costs and of course with purchasing on your behalf.
Trans-Siberian Express reservations
That is one of the most popular requests for people wanting to see Russia, but visitors have problems in booking domestic tickets for travelling. Sometimes travelling information is not up to date. Please inquire with us and we can assist with your journey and book your tickets for you.


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